Solo Exhibition

things you should know before I go
Ray Caesar
Gallery House, Toronto – Canada

On Friday November 19, 2021, at Gallery House, Toronto, Canada, we welcome you to a new exhibition featuring our Gallery House stable, Ray Caesar newest series of works titled things you should know before I go.  This exhibition will continue till December 17, 2021 inclusive and will be open for booking dates/time slots during the week of Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:00 pm.

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Throughout the pandemic, COVID-19, Ray Caesar, an artist who draws upon his life experiences, conscious and subconscious in the unique medium of digital art has again pushed both ours and his sense of comfort by diving into the 3D surfaces further.  Caesar constantly pushes his level of comfort and this past 20 months has been busy teaching himself during the lockdown softwares that include Substance Painter as an example, which allows him to create digital clothing in the same way, a tailor cuts and drapes real cloth and stitch it together.  It enables him to create dynamic real-world properties of how the silk, burlap, or rubber may drape. In addition to these programs Caesar has also self taught himself Arnold, HDRI environments, Mudbox, Substance Painter, Meshmixer and other programs.

This new series of works continues the spectrum of Caesars’ exploratory works as he has openly struggled with dissociative identity disorder and gender variants.  Ray ever self reflective looks at himself writes:

I am on a journey to integrate all the various aspects of altered and fractured personality. So, my   work is a map or a design in the process of self-realization, discovering one’s meaning and purpose in life, and actualizing who one really is and capable of becoming. All my work is a reflection of how I see my own spiritual self image.

Dreams, memories and desires all play an important part in this process, but they are more the material I use to bring about that idea in the same way I might use colour or pigment, shape and composition. My main creative working method is intuitive, and I simply let my hand draw without thinking about what is going to happen. 

Did you know…
Ray Caesar is solely managed by Gallery House exclusively worldwide and together we authorize our dealers to showcase his works in exhibitions for a period of time.  As such we are the only dealer to have access to all his works including rare, artist proof, printers proof and exclusive works not released elsewhere, this way the funds go directly to the artist.  Please contact us directly for your inquires.  Special gallery hours are 10:00 – 4:00 pm by booked appointment via


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