Rehearsal | Solo Exhibition

April 7 – May 4, 2022
Jeffrey Chong Wang
Gallery House, Toronto – Canada


Jeffrey Chong Wang

Rehearsal | Solo Show

Gallery House stable, Jeffrey Chong Wang presents eight new original works and, for the first time, prints in a solo show aptly titled “Rehearsal.”  As the artist points out, the canvas and subject matter are treated like a stage.  Elements on the stage consist of seemingly random but carefully selected objects, animals, clothes from various periods, signage and other “props” that appear and refer to his cultural background.  Further works of art, in particular periods of the Renaissance, Japanese prints, photography and all forms of art are utilized as instinctive visual reference points which he uses to create his “play.”

Wangs’ characters continue to exude intensity – with eyes averted the figures’ postures often appear as if on the verge of a dramatic scene.  The composition of the paintings remains acutely deliberate, and Wang further delves into the concept of distance and emotional imbalance between the artist and the outside world.  He continues to explore and invites the viewer to examine his cultural background in the East, where he has his life, and continues to flit back and forth today, presently though spending the majority of his time in the West.  

Wangs’ work responds to the imbalance he emotionally feels between himself and the outside world–fusing classical concepts and traditional techniques into his work using his exaggerated static figures.  These figures reflect the history of Western oil painting techniques and show contemporary themes of Eastern culture.

Jeffrey Chong Wangs’ works’ new release also includes two new prints available exclusively at Gallery House.  The suite is an edition size of 10, each uniquely signed by the artist.  Please note that a hold is placed upon a confirmed email to reserve a work.  Contact us via email for details.

Wang exhibits internationally, and his works can be found in Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, China, the US and many more.


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