Gallery House specializes in broadening the audiences of our artists and we develop relationships with dealers around the world. We ensure the dealers receive and rotate inventory; shelter works at certain times; drive traffic and new clients to them. We provide collectors assurance the price is standardized, transparent and can provide them alongside our partnered dealers detailed information about each of the artists works.  Further we exhibit and build collections on important works by some of the most in demand contemporary artist today as well as new contemporaries. Founded in 2008, our artists have a history of breaking public attendance record at museums and at galleries.

Annually we curate exhibitions on site by facilitating discussion among artists, writers, curators, museums and private collections showcasing our artist or an invited artist. Gallery House artists assumes an ambitious presence at the following art fairs each year: Art Stage Singapore, Art Toronto, Hamptons Art Market, AAF Battersea, AAF Hampstead, AAF Amsterdam, Art Amsterdam, Scope Miami, Art Fair Tokyo.

About Us

Belinda Chun
(photo: centre)

Since 2000, Belinda Chun has been professionally involved in the Fine Arts industry, working for commercial galleries and institutions such as the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, the McMichael Gallery and The Power Plant. She has also served as a private curator, presenting special exhibitions and participating in prestigious art fairs such as ARCO Fair-Spain, Art Expo-England, Scope LA, Scope New York, Art Forum Berlin and Art Chicago.

In 2009 she founded Gallery House, a unique space and concept that allows her to manage the careers, legal matters, inventory rotation, logistics and world-wide exhibitions of the gallery’s stable of artists, while also providing a 2000 sq m gallery that acts as a home base.

She is also a member of the International Association of Appraisers and has served on various boards and committees including the 2013 Board of the Power Ball (Power Plant Gallery), the 2014 Canadian Art Foundation Gallery Hop committee and was recently part of the Event Committee of the World Wildlife Fund and the Baycrest Foundation Brain Project.

Assistant Director
Alexandra Bashinskaya
(photo: left)

Alex Bashinskaya has been a consultant of Gallery House since 2013.  Originally from Russia, she has traveled all over the world.  Educated at the Toronto Film School and George Brown College, she is a UI & UX designer with extensive experience in both the fashion business and fine arts. She brings to Gallery House her expertise in graphic design, accounting and administration. She has volunteered at Sick Kids Hospital and loves cats.
Special Projects
David Keyes
(photo: right)

David Keyes is an installation specialist focusing on archival boxes, storage systems and specialized objects for the gallery.  He is also a writer, publisher, musician and artist who has been involved in the Toronto arts scene for more than 30 years, and was Gallery House Assistant for two years.