How to Live Forever

Zach Atticus Tuinman & Julia Hepburn
Guest Double Solo Show

September 28 – October 25, 2019
Reception Opening September 28th  7 – 9pm

Gallery House presents guest artists Julia Hepburn, Zach Atticus Tuinman two extraordinary artists each with new works.

Above: Zach Atticus Tuinman, Outside, 2018, Oil on Wood, 30 x 40″

An exhibition of the day to day, reality and the stories we knit.  It touches upon the emotion of empathy, the human spirit and positive perception.  The works are composed of oil on panel and sculptures (with some movable parts) and  includes such scenes as elevator rides, snowy days, motherhood…and much more.  The quiet moments, self-reflection, conscious, unconscious choices define who we are and how we tell ourselves stories to cling to and help carry ourselves into the next day.

Both artists works showcase light each uniquely in their own way sometimes demonstrating humor in darkness.  Deceptively melancholic, the small series of paintings and sculpture are so much and more.  Each artist background gives us different perspectives from the point of view of age, life stage and various types of mediums that capture the sad, beautiful, precious glimmers of life.

Above: Julia Hepburn, Physical Effects, 2018, Mixed Media Sculpture, 33 x 26 x 28″
*This particular work has moving parts and is 3-dimensional.

Float into these worlds and find human solidarity in how we each entwine, persevere and overcome hurdles —from the mind numbing day to day, selfless acts, disappointments, random acts in life and discover how to find hope to carry on.

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To view the work request a VIP package by contacting us. This exhibition is on view at Gallery House from September 28th till October 25th inclusive with the hours of Fri – Sat from 11a.m. – 4 p.m. For more information contact Gallery House at 416.587.0057 or