Above: Ray Caesar  Helio, 2017  36 x 36″ One of a Kind Digital Ultrachrome on Panel Varnished.
Also available as a print measuring 20 x 20″  Digital Ultrachrome on Archival Paper, Edition of 10

“PULP – Works on Paper”
New works by
Ray Caesar, Selena Wong & Lori Field

Gallery House presents PULP – Works on Paper, an exciting group show featuring new work by Gallery House artists Ray Caesar (there are a number of one of a kind works), Selena Wong and guest Lori Field at Gallery House, Toronto Canada. There will be light refreshments.


To view a price list please request a VIP package by contacting us. Download the catalogue here.

Ray Caesar

Above: Ray Caesar  Communion Study, 2017  24 x 20″  Digital Ultrachrome on Canvas & Varnished, One of a Kind

Ray Caesar series of international show completes the year in his home town Toronto, Canada at Gallery House in our “PULP – Works on Paper” show. We are excited to announce the release of nine new never-been-seen works.

Here, Caesar goes deeper into the unconscious dream world of fable and myth uncovering a world of deep desires and secrets, the kind we conceal even from ourselves. In these works he explores the inescapable weight of memory and how it can haunt our perception of the physical world.

Ray Caesar’s digital paintings exist in a world unto themselves, a place that is not on any map or mentioned in any guidebook. Ornate, architectural and sinister, they echo the grandeur of Reynolds and Gainsborough and the grace of Rococo artists Watteau and Boucher, but have a dreamy, dark, otherworldly quality that feel both sensual and sinister.

Above: Ray Caesar  Communion, 2017  30 x 34″  Digital Ultrachrome on Archival Paper, Edition of 20

Selena Wong

Above: Selena Wong  Peek-a-hibou, Print on paper – part of the Collector Box Set Series

Selena Wong’s delicate gouache and ink work is a secretive, miniature world where humans and rabbits live in a kind of dream like landscape of fog and enchanting clouds.  Hidden within these richly rendered, intense in detail and carefully crafted  environments are magical, places timeless and removed from reality.  Wong is inspired by artists Henry Darger, Gustav Klimt, Yoshitomo Nara and Kiki Smith.

Above: Selena Wong  Watching Over, 2017  7 x 10” Gouache on Paper

The new series by Wong, are inspired from the memory of her grandmother.  Drawing on the beauty and horror she once lived, her life and her stories; coping with her death, and the hurt that softened with time; bits and pieces of her life, re-imagined and romanticized, creating an alternate reality to take part in, escaping the one I’m in now; loss of self and starting over, finding her voice again, her fitting in. Other reoccurring themes of Wong’s work include animals speaking through her, rabbits, subtle and quiet – staying silent, hiding away from the predators in real life.

Lori Field

Above: Lori Field, The Gods Must Be Crazy, 2012  16” x 30”  Silverpoint

Lori Field crafts exquisite and wondrous worlds, dreamy yet unsettling, floating somewhere between Alice’s looking glass and the Brothers Grimm’s darkest forest. Here, part-creature, part-humans, nearly all tattooed, coexist among flowers, baubles, butterflies, and lace. Whether they are masked, or true hybrids with twin kitty heads or antlers springing from their hair, they are nearly all female, their attendant mystiques running the gamut from sugar-and-spice to the huntress Diana and the temptress Eve. While well grounded in the history of art – Bosch, Raphael, and Redon come immediately to mind – Field’s paintings are refreshingly defiant of tradition, in a world of their own.
– Barry Blinderman, Director of University Galleries of Illinois State University

Primarily self-taught, Field is a  textile designer and illustrator who returned to making fine art when a series of life-altering events caused her to rethink the direction she wanted to take with my creative energies.  Her mixed media drawings, paintings and sculptures straddle a border between reality and dream, past life and present. They evoke subliminal, mysterious worlds – planets of her own creation, demimondes peopled with tattooed  angels , mutants, exhibitionists, seducers, chimeras……..and other intimate strangers.

Submitting to an obsession with obsessiveness, and exploring and visualizing the concept of ‘the other’, the work is deliberately intimate, containing fetishistic figures that are emotionally confrontational and exaggerated in their ‘otherness’.

Above: Lori Field, Goosey Lucy & Lizzie Lou, 2013  11.5” x 9”  Silverpoint

This exhibition is on view at Gallery House till December 16th inclusive with the hours of Thurs – Sat from 11:00 – 4:00 pm.